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America's Non 12 Step Approach

In your heart of hearts, you have always suspected the truth—treatment doesn’t work! The problem has always been finding what will work to put addiction in your past forever.

As a result, we developed the original non-12 Step, non-treatment alternative to help you overcome alcohol and drug addiction once and for all. Independently verified, our program is the only truly effective alternative to drug and alcohol rehab centers, substance abuse, and 12 Step programs.

When Everything Else Fails


Whether you are seeking help for the first time, or you’ve made multiple attempts to move beyond addiction, Saint Jude’s can help. If you are a young person struggling with the transition into adulthood and using substances to cope with the stress of maturing, we can help. If you have been avoiding life’s responsibilities, stressors, or pain by using drugs or alcohol, we can help. From teens to octogenarians and everyone in between, leaving addiction permanently in your past is always possible if you’re willing to commit to change and we’re ready to show you how.

It’s not about the substance you choose, it’s about realizing you have so many more choices in life. It’s never too late to get back to loving life again.

We Are Different
Addiction Help
When Treatment Fails

92% of our guests have attended at least one treatment program or method and failed-- often many more than just one. In fact, many people come to us because we are so different . We often hear, “You’re my last hope.” Make no mistake- we’re not treatment! You won’t find any 12 Steps or AA meetings here! We want you to succeed the first and only time you visit us.

  • Tired of being treated like a criminal, a prisoner, or a child or being forced to “admit” you are an addict, alcoholic, or share personal information publicly?
  • Were you told you needed the right religious/ spiritual beliefs or a “Higher Power” to succeed when you knew change was really within you?
  • Were you told you had to hit “rock bottom” to change or relapse was a “normal” part of recovery?
Before Treatment Fails You

If this is your first time seeking help, you’ve picked the right place! Being empowered to change is much more successful long term than being broken down by treatment. We’ll never call you an addict, alcoholic, or force you to share personal information. We’ll always treat you with the respect you deserve for being the unique individual you are.

  • Are family or friends pushing 12 Steps/AA? We are the independently proven alternative when you know treatment doesn’t work !
  • You don’t need to be desperate or “hit rock bottom” to succeed--a sincere desire to change is all you need
  • Do you want to feel respected, safe, and supported at a program that will empower you, not break you?

Saint Jude’s helps you succeed as never before— we’ll help you put addiction permanently behind you and focus on your goals to live your life, not live your addiction

Saint Jude Retreats Will Help You Change
No Matter Your Past, We Can Help You With Your Future
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We Have Helped Thousands

We Are Ready to Help You Too

"Coming to the Saint Jude Retreat was a defining moment in my life. I am forever grateful for the respect and dignity the staff has shown; and more importantly the confidence they have instilled in me".

America's Non 12 Step Program
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Overcome Alcoholism and Drug Addiction

Permanently without Recovery The Alternative to Rehab

Saint Jude Retreats helps individuals overcome drug abuse, substance abuse, chemical dependency, drug addiction, alcoholism, and alcohol dependency as well as the emotional and behavioral issues that so often coexist with these problems.

Our Approach marries cutting edge research in Cognitive Behavioral Learning (CBL), the science of neuroplasticity, and meaningful life skill development to help you move beyond your addiction with a self-constructed plan that fits your priorities, your beliefs, and your passions. You make a personal investment in your own goals and dreams by creating a plan that meets your priorities and your lifestyle. You’ll find much more success with our model of personal freedom and choice than with a narrow, rigid cookie cutter set of rules and regulations that only address sobriety.

Saint Jude’s specializes in helping people deal with the following addictions:

  • Alcohol
  • Heroin
  • Cocaine and Crack
  • Crystal Meth
  • LSD and Hallucinogens
  • Marijuana
  • Prescription Drug Abuse including: amphetamines, methamphetamines, narcotics, including opiates and opioids; benzodiazepines
Drug Rehab
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We’re Not Just Different

We’re Life Saving Different

The Life Saving Solution to Addiction

If you’ve never gotten help before or you’ve been to a rehab, 12 Step, or treatment program before, please don’t make the mistake of thinking a rigid control model with a lifetime of expensive after care and a commitment to ongoing meetings, sober living, therapy, and other supports is all there is!

Our recovery based society may tell you that once an addict, always an addict, or that you can expect to cycle forever between ”relapse and recovery” but, if that is truly all there is out there, what can you expect to gain from choosing treatment? Wasted time, money, a lower self esteem and confidence, and, unfortunately, many people leave treatment binging harder than when they entered.

Don’t go to treatment, You deserve better!

You deserve to be free of addiction forever. Don’t stay in the vicious cycle of “recovery and relapse”. If you failed at treatment before, you probably never got the right information to succeed. At over $35 billion dollar business annually, the recovery industry has built-in repeat business. By placing the blame on you and having you embrace their failure as yours, they ensure your return for further treatment.

You deserve to have a deeply fulfilling, happy life starting today

Put a stop to this cycle today. You know that your choice to use substances—drinking, drugging, or both—is a choice, not a medical disease, genetic mutation, or personality flaw. It’s never too late to change!

You may wonder if your dreams and passions are too long buried to be acted upon. They aren’t!

You may say,” But I have legal/medical/career/personal consequences to my drinking and drugging that I need to resolve. I’m overwhelmed!” Helping you put a plan together to get back on track with your life is what we do! We won’t give up on you if you’re ready to commit to change. Please don’t give up on yourself without giving us a call. Let us show you we really are that different.

Alcohol and Drug Addiction Ends Now
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Don't Wait Any Longer


A deeply fulfilling, meaningful life with your personal success and happiness in mind is what we ask you to start building with us today Let us show you the immense power you have within to direct the course of your life. When you purposefully direct your power, you can achieve success, pursue your passions, and enjoy your life’s journey. Then, when you are faced with a difficult challenge, a traumatic event, or deep emotional hurt, you’ll know you have the inner resources to alter your thoughts, decisions, and actions to handle any experience in your life. Most of all, please don’t lose hope. You never were diseased or powerless. You deserve a life worth living again, not just existing for your drinking and drugging habit. Life is beautiful and you can experience that joy again— start today. Believe in your own power to change. Call one of our Family Consultants to explain the options available so you can decide on your best outcome.

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