The Saint Jude Executive Retreat
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THE SAINT JUDE Executive Retreat

Exclusively Offering The Freedom Model to those with Discerning Tastes

A Retreat Experience Where Life Can Continue

The Executive Retreat is a luxurious 5,000 square foot country home, insulated on a private land. We value your confidentiality so much you won't even find a company sign out front. Over the decades we learned that there were many people who wanted a retreat environment where they could move past addiction while also continuing to be able to work and deal productively from the retreat. This balance has provided many busy and accomplished individuals the freedom to rebuild their lives while also going through the exclusive Freedom Model Course. No other organization can offer this world-renowned model to their guests.

This beautiful home can hold up to six guests at a time. Again, this retreat was especially designed to host business executives and adult professionals who must remain connected to their business or personal life, while participating in our life changing program in this luxurious setting. Three bedrooms offer private bathrooms while the other three bedrooms share a private luxury bathroom. Two bedrooms have sliding glass doors to a balcony overlooking the beautiful grounds. All classes at this retreat are one-on-one for completely personalized instruction. Gaining the knowledge and research provided in The Freedom Model while immersed in a pleasant retreat experience with staff that has decades of experience is a life changing model to be sure.

The Executive Retreat includes a variety of luxuries, amenities and services to fit anyone's needs. For the outdoor enthusiast the retreat sits on acres of forest, meadows, and private trails, with a bass pond for fishing (or ice skating in the winter months). In the winter months, the home has a cozy warm feeling complete with a fireplace sitting room, rustic beams, and Adirondack Executive inspired trimmings and decor.

For the spa fanatic, a dry Sauna located adjacent to a marble showered bathroom is a wonderful feature for those looking to relax from the outside world. These are adjacent to the massage room; a private massage therapist will be available to you on a weekly basis; offering Swedish Massage, Reflexology, Hot Rocks Therapy, Deep Tissue Massage, and more. A personal executive chef will be preparing your meals for you to meet any personal dietary needs. Private car service is also provided at this retreat.

  • Outdoor Heated Pool
  • Basketball Court
  • Home Theatre
  • Local Golf Course
  • Scenic Walking Trails
  • Gym Membership

The Freedom Model is designed to show you the immense power you possess to direct the course of your life. As you move on in your life, when faced with a difficult challenge, a traumatic event, or deep emotional pain, you will now find that you have the mental ability to alter your actions, reactions, emotions, and thought patterns to overcome any experience in your life. In addition to these benefits is the reality that The Freedom Model will upend all the addiction myths that have kept you trapped. You will be able to move past the disease of addiction myth, move past the "alcoholic" and "addict" self-images and labels, move past the myth that addiction is inherently chronic, move past the need to avoid "triggers" and finally free yourself from the treatment and recovery trap. In summary, if you want to be free, we can show you exactly how to accomplish that at The Saint Jude Executive Retreat.

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