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Escape the Treatment/Recovery Trap

You will debunk all of the addiction myths, such as the disease concept, the powerlessness narrative, the feelings of hopelessness, etc., and replace them with the research and facts that refute these misleading concepts and theories.

You can be free from all addiction and not be required to attend meetings, avoid "triggers", or stay in a 12 step subculture of being hobbled and limited. You can be truly free from addiction and its stable-mate, perpetual "recovery."

Let us show you how incredible and life changing The Freedom Model can be for you:

In 1989 co-founder Mark Scheeren decided to build a more effective model to help people with substance use issues. At the time there were no alternatives to the failing 12 step/treatment paradigm. Mark decided to reject the illogical assumption that addiction was a disease, and he said that he was going to make a “non-12 step” model that was based on a non-disease/choice premise. It was at that moment that the non-12 step movement that we see today was launched. Nearly thirty years later, The Freedom Model for Addictions was published and the original non 12 step model that began so many years ago was presented to the public in its evolved and perfected form. That same polished model is now available at our retreat, and to the public, that is so desperate for a solution to addiction. Over the course of the last three decades, many thousands have found a solution to addiction through the Freedom Model’s research and program at our retreat, The Saint Jude Retreat. You too can be provided that solution.

Of course, The Freedom Model's Non-12 Step Approach focuses on empowering you to change behaviors and solve lifelong self-defeating habits such as drug and alcohol use. But it is how we go about our approach to this challenge that makes The Freedom Model so unique. We debunk all the addiction and recovery myths that mislead individuals to believe they are powerless and in need of perpetual recovery. The only reason "recovery" exists is to become a catch-all of those who have attended treatment and keeps this population tethered to drug rehabs, 12 step models, and the feelings of needing to be in a "recovery community."

By directly addressing the addiction and recovery myths that keep this tether attached, you can simply move past addiction, move past the nonsensical disease model of addiction, move past the brain disease myth, move past being fearful of "triggers", move past needing perpetual "aftercare", move past the need for 12 step meetings, etcetera. Simultaneously, you will be building your self-confidence to handle old challenges and new stressors you may encounter when you return home through practical, real-life exercises while you are enrolled at the retreat. In addition, the social aspects of your experience here will provide you with the confidence and necessary life skills to return home and build a more fulfilling life.

  • You will be treated with the utmost dignity and respect - You will NEVER be labeled as an addict or alcoholic. Never
  • You will learn you are in control of your future and the choices you make - You will NEVER be taught you are diseased or that you are powerless.
  • We will work together in building a future filled with happiness and purpose - You will NEVER be judged by your past.

PHILOSOPHY The Foundation of the Freedom Model

The three human attributes that free you from addiction and perpetual recovery:

  • The Positive Drive Principle - All people always move in the direction of what they believe will bring them the most happiness at any given point in their life
  • Free will – A human's natural ability to choose for himself or herself.
  • Personal Autonomy – You are your own person, and therefore you can choose what to believe and how to act independently of situations and events. You are free.

Future Planning Addressing Factors Outside the Scope of Addiction

Ensuring You Return Home with a Plan for Continuing Success.

FUTURE Planning

As each person's needs, circumstances, and goals are unique, researchers at Saint. Jude's have developed an integrated component that can be customized for each individual. Standing next to The Freedom Model Program is content that deals specifically with issues that are unique to you.

These personalized and integrated options are called Future Planning. The Saint Jude Future Planning Module address areas of need or interest, outside the scope of addiction, that you choose to work on to maximize and sustain your personal growth even as you complete the program and return home.

For instance, you may need information and logistical support to relocate to a new area after your stay with us, go back to or re-enter college, navigate through a divorce or re-establish positive family relationships that were strained by your usage habits, or discuss career options with your employer based on poor performance when you were using, etcetera.

We will help you navigate all of these challenges. Should you need continued help after you return home, you can remain in contact with your Freedom Model Instructor via phone, email or text free of charge. We will always be there for you.

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