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How to Enroll in The Freedom Model at the Saint Jude Retreats
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We Are Ready To Help You

Call us toll free at 888-424-2626 to speak with one of our caring Guest Service Consultants. We are available 7 days a week to answer your questions and provide information regarding our life saving approach and our enrollment process. It only takes a few minutes over the phone to make a reservation. Costs vary --please call one of our Guest Service Consultants for current pricing plans or financing options.

To secure your stay, there is a non-refundable reservation fee to reserve a bed. Reservation fees vary depending on the Retreat House and accommodations chosen. The balance is due in full upon your arrival.

Financing and Financial Aid are available for those who qualify. With funding approval from one of our third party lenders, you can enroll immediately simply by paying your non-refundable reservation fee.

What to Expect When You Call Us

  • he Utmost Respect, a Caring Staff, and Compassion
  • A Professional and Courteous Consultant Willing to Listen first and to Inform You of Your Options
  • Trust and Confidence- Knowing Your Call is Completely Confidential, and that we have been here for 28 years serving people in need
  • Someone who will not be Judgmental, but Ready to Help and Serve You
  • Someone who will not Label You as an "addict" or an "alcoholic" but who will Treat You like a dignified Human Being
  • You will receive Personalized Attention- You will Never be Rushed off the phone

Speak confidentially with a Guest Service Consultant


YOUR TRUST IS Our Priority

Prior to making your decision, we are happy to have you speak with past guests and their families so you can hear firsthand from people like you who were once struggling, and whose lives changed as a result of their stay at Saint Jude's. We welcome you and your family to tour our retreats, talk with our staff, our current guests, and see what The Freedom Model can do for you as well. Call our Guest Service Consultants now to schedule your tour. You can review The Freedom Model materials by downloading our free e-books; you can call and request a digital copy of our entire curriculum to be sent to you, and you can talk with our staff at each retreat all prior to making your final decision. We know this is an important decision; and we want you to be comfortable. We want to make this decision easy for you.

Non 12 Step Rehab Alternative

Speak confidentially with a Guest Service Consultant

Let today be the day you find freedom.
Move Past The Addiction and Recovery Cycle.

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